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Sun Drops Big Gunmetal Silver Bangle Bracelet by Sunlit Fine Jewelry

Sun Drops Big Drop Bangle Bracelet in Gunmetal Silver


In ancient Egyptian mythology, a serpent eating its tail, known as an ouroboros, was an iconic symbol of renewal closely associated with the sun, which travels through day and night without beginning or end.


These stackable bangle bracelets in gunmetal and gold are inspired by that eternal journey of the sun. Designed to be worn day in and day out and always feel good.


  • Hand-blackened sterling silver
  • 2 3/4" diameter
  • Ready to ship
  • Can be sized


Please note that blackened silver will wear over time. We think it's beautiful as the silver shine begins to peek through the gray, but we are always happy to re-blacken it for you anytime, free of charge.


Please contact us with questions or custom requests.


This item is part of our Sun Drops collection of unique gold jewelry. Find more of our fine gold jewelry here.

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